Our Services

Assessing & identifying individual health and wellness goals, while providing ongoing support and accountability for maintaining healthy habits.

Developing personalised health & wellness plans, while providing support and guidance for implementing lifestyle changes.

Educating clients on nutrition, exercise, & stress management.

Offering recommendations for complementary therapies & supplements, such as yoga, meditation, or herbal treatments.

Identifying & addressing underlying emotional and psychological factors that may impact health and wellness.

Sustainable financial counselling and advice to facilitate literacy in money matters.

She’s helped me identify patterns that weren’t serving me, gently nudged me in the right direction and helped me hold myself accountable

-Sarah Khan-

Afshaan has transformed my approach to life, made a doer out of a dreamer, and also helped me cope with anxiety and stress. She is undoubtedly an amazing coach whose pragmatic and empathetic approach is perfect for anyone looking to bring about real change in their lives.

-Akbar Lashari-

Her exercises are small but impactful that become habits and truly help you navigate yourself better. The focus on holistic development and not just one facet is what made me look forward to each session

-Wajeeha Javed-

Coaching with Afshaan has been transformational - I have been able to identify and overcome patterns that usually set me back and helped me truly believe in my potential. She has been kind and encouraging and patient, holding a safe space for me to grow into the person that I wanted to become.

-Batool Naqvi-

Within two months, my life has greatly shifted; my schedule much easier to manage and my overall wellbeing has improved. She has made me aware of daily money management (for savings), the self-hour (for mental health and recovery), and committing a timeline wheel (for organisation and execution).

-Bisha Shabir-